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Samsung Galaxy Nexus signup page showcases 7 wireless carriers

When a high-profile device is getting ready to hit the shelves, manufacturers (and carriers) will usually launch a “learn more about…” page, where you can sign up to have information about the particular device sent to you before the launch. It’s a great way to get to know a device long before you buy it. This time around, we also get a chance to see… Read more

Cellular South to get “game-changer” Androids

It seems that everyone wants a piece of the Android pie;  Not just the big boys. Cellular South recently launched this “coming soon” microsite for a “whole new lineup of Android smartphones”.  “Which smartphones?” you say?  That’s TBD.  Although a clever commenter, over at Android Guys, did some pretty nice sleuthing to possibly “uncover” one of the… Read more