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CES 2011 round-up: Wednesday, January 5th

What a day. Here we are just halfway through CES 2011 and the mobile landscape has been seriously altered, especially in the realm of Android. AT&T is now a serious Android contender provided they play their cards right with software, T-Mobile is getting a powerful new tablets, LG and SE are rallying, and Verizon is ready to rock our worlds with high… Read more

Honeycomb minimum requirements leaked?

According to an article up on PCMag right now, Bobby Cha, managing director of the Korean based company Enspert, has information on the minimum requirements for Honeycomb to run on a device. Mr. Cha says that while screen size will not be a factor in deciding if a device can run Honeycomb–adding that screens are “going to go as small as 7… Read more

Opera for tablets to be on display at CES

Announced via their My Opera blog, popular software developer Opera will have a tablet only version of their browser on display at CES. As you will see in the video below, Opera for tablets appears to be running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, with a very familiar “all new” UI. Right from the beginning of the video demo you’ll notice Opera’s “Speed Dial” bookmark… Read more

Google announces partnership with Vizio

This weekend, “America’s #1 LCD HDTV company,” Vizio, sent their CSO out for a Rose Bowl promotional video in which the executive hints at forthcoming products that are expected to be officially announced at CES in Las Vegas this week. During the spot (embedded below), Randy Waynick is seen sitting in the stands with what may or may not be Vizio’s new… Read more

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Media Player at CES

There has been talk for several months surrounding Samsung’s development of a Galaxy Media Player, and Samsung has apparently confirmed the device and will be showing it off at CES next month. After launching the Galaxy S series of phones–which some found to be heavily influenced by the iPhone–and then the Galaxy Tab–which was without a doubt… Read more