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Video: Dell Stage UI demo

Dell was at CES last week showing off new gadgets, like their Android powered Venue (which features the software depicted below), and Mashable met up with Angela Blair for a special demonstration of their custom user interface, Stage. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Stage on video. We had a good look over two months ago in a video covering an… Read more

LG Revolution supports Qi wireless charging

While at CES in Vegas last week, Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly attended a meeting held by the Wireless Power Consortium–members include HTC, Sony Ericsson, and LG–and filmed a demonstration of charging products with the standardized Qi compatibility brand. To his and our surprise, the LG Revolution was one of the demo phones on hand. Why Verizon and LG… Read more

Monsoon Multimedia demos new members of Vulkano line at CES

We covered Monsoon’s place-shifting, time-shifting, mobile-gadget-friendly line of TV “slingers” in July. The Vulkano boxes were a bit pricey, running from $259 to $379 depending on storage capacity. But Monsoon now has some new Vulkano gadgets lined up for the budget conscious gedgeteur with price points at $99 and $199. The lower end model, Flow,… Read more

NOX wireless headphones run Android

Somewhere on a Las Vegas CES show floor last week, underneath the roar of Android, television, and other tech news, NOX Audio was demonstrating a wireless headphone set called Admiral Touch that runs Android and feature a 2.4″, gesture-aware touch screen. The Wi-Fi capable cans feature 7.1 surround sound and are ready to rock VoIP software. They are… Read more

Hulu Plus headed for Android

At Samsung’s CES keynote in Las Vegas yesterday and Hulu CEO Jason announced that his company’s premium subscription video streaming service would be available to some Android users running version 2.2 or higher of the software in the coming months. Details were slim in this early announcement, but it’s an exciting development nevertheless. Hulu Plus… Read more

CES: Parrot ASTEROID Android car audio system

Parrot’s new car audio receiver does more than play music, though it will accept input from iPhone/iPods, other media players, SD cards, and USB. This car stereo happens to be powered by Android. It comes with a GPS dongle and will support a 3G key that you supply. WIth these two features the unit will recognize location, help with directions,… Read more

CES: HTC and Verizon launch the Thunderbolt

This announcement doesn’t rank in the list of CES shockers. We’ve known about Thunderbolt for some time and recently some very will timed and well shot photos boosted the hype surrounding this HTC LTE device in the days leading up to CES. But now it’s official: HTC’s Sense-rocking LTE gadget will be launched on Verion…sometime. No pricing or… Read more

CES: Dell Venue with Android

The Windows version of the Dell Venue, aka Dell Venue Pro, has been out and about for quite some time now. It’s been said that the Android version should be just around the corner, and today we finally get an official look at the device. Coming in with a unique curved Gorilla Glass display, the Dell Venue is a 2.2 based device with an unnamed 1GHz… Read more

CES video: Honeycomb demo from Verizon presser

Principal engineer of Android, Mike Cleron joined Motorola Chairman and CEO Sanjay Jha and Verizon’s Lowell McAdam on stage at the Verizon press conference at CES in Las Vegas today in order to show off Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android, Honeycomb. The ultra-powerful dual-core Xoom was used to demo the software, which is aesthetically… Read more

CES: Panasonic’s Viera tablet opens possibilities for TV

Image via Laptop Mag CES is awash with tablets and televisions this year, and there has been a lot of talk about streaming media to either with the same app, controlling televisions with mobile gadgets, and achieving a TV experience with a tablet computer. But Panasonic’s Viera takes integration a step further, as the line of four-to-ten-inch tablets (… Read more