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Nexus 7 Laptop Replacement Challenge Update

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I began the Nexus 7 laptop replacement challenge. And since my last update, it’s been relatively quiet. I’ve found myself actually not struggling for much. Most of what I have needed to do in my last couple days of summer, including write these articles, has been easily completed on this tablet. To start, the Nexus 7… Read more

Challenge: Can the Nexus 7 Serve as a Laptop Replacement?

So I’ll be upfront here, I’m in love with my Nexus 7. I have repeatedly said “if I could go all-in with a tablet, this would be it.” That got me thinking. Is it really possible to do everything from a tablet? Many say it’s not possible. Others say they don’t have enough to do on a laptop so a tablet is all they need. I’m going to put myself to the test… Read more