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Intel Finished Porting Jelly Bean To Medfield

Intels Medfield processors are significantly different from all the others, which are ARM. Thus, it’s harder to get Android running on them. Before, Medfield phones could only run either Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean didn’t work. Luckily, Intel got Jelly Bean working at a fairly good time, and hopefully they’ll be releasing builds of… Read more

Samsung, Despite Patent Infringement case with Apple, Invests $4 billion towards Apple iPhone and iPad chip production

With Apple and Samsung publicly attacking one another and in serious legal litigation, consumers tend to forget that both companies are key partners in their respective business strategies. Most recently, Samsung has opened a plant in Austin, Texas that is responsible for manufacturing the A5X CPU for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It comes as no… Read more