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Chrome for Android Beta updated, more bug fixes

Chrome for Android has been all the rage in the world of Android browsing as of late, but it’s still just a beta. Google has been keeping up with updating the browser though, and we now have another update to smooth things out. First, there will be better compatibility among Android 4.0 devices. There is also a list of known issues available at the Chrome… Read more

Chrome for Android Beta contains Easter Eggs, first one found

Google recently released the beta for its latest mobile web browser, Chrome for Android. In typical Google fashion, they had to include an Easter Egg. It’s a fairly simple one, start by simply going to the tab screen in the browser. Then drag up 5 times, and you’ll achieve a fun little surprise. We know, it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but… Read more

Google Chrome for Android Beta now available for download

Well, that came out of nowhere. But, here it is. Chrome for Android, all in its Beta glory. The application is now available to download in the Android Market, which you can find right here. But, before you get too excited, there is a huge caveat here: you’ll need to have a device that is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to take advantage of Google’s… Read more