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Chromebooks Serve A Specific Purpose, And The Pixel Defeats It

Google has just announced the Chromebook Pixel, and I have to say I’m extremely disappointed. And probably not for the reasons you are. Yes, it’s $1300. It only has a 32GB SSD, it only runs web apps, and its battery life is not extraordinary. There is nothing in there that costs $1300, nothing. But that’s fine, people might buy it for the looks and the… Read more

Google Unveils Chromebook Pixel, High Res Touchscreen For $1300

After a few rumors of a Chromebook Pixel and others of a touch screen Chromebook, we have an official announcement. Google has unveiled the Chromebook Pixel, a 12.85 inch notebook running their Chrome OS. The screen has been supercharged with a 2560×1700 resolution in a 3:2 format. It clocks in at a very impressive 239 pixels per inch and a very… Read more

Developer Hexxeh Ports Chrome OS To Nexus 7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ucnR1sYLY1I Hexxeh has been managing Chrome OS builds for a while, but we’ve never seen anything like this. This great man has ported Chrome OS to the Nexus 7. Now this has been easier since Chromebooks with ARM hardware have been released, but this is really cool and impressive nonetheless. This… Read more

Google Drive to compete with Dropbox, provide storage to all

Dropbox has been a huge success, offering cloud storage almost anywhere on a variety of platforms. It has caused the launch of many more start-ups, as well as other companies attempting to enter the same space. Google, one of the kings of the cloud, isn’t going to let them stand alone. A new rumor by the The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google may be… Read more