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Chromebook takes a big step forward

Computers running Google’s Chrome OS are seeing greatly improved functionality thanks to this week’s significant OS update. On the heels of yesterday’s Netflix announcement, Kindle launched their Cloud Reader, which allows for instant access from virtually any computing device (Chromebeeks are specifically mentioned on the about page). But that’s not… Read more

Watch Netflix using Chrome OS

Without a doubt, one of the primary concerns when considering a cloud-based computer system, like the first (publicly available) generation of Chromebooks, is the ability to watch long-form video. Until now, options were limited to YouTube, Vimeo, and other website viewers that generally consist of shorter clips. But now, Netflix instant view is… Read more

Chromebook demo and giveaway with Jimmy Fallon

Joshua Topolski took a couple of Chromebooks on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a demonstration, and while there was a little hiccup in the live sync demonstration of Google Docs the result was cool, nonetheless. Storing data in the cloud has lots of benefits, including the safety of your work if you drop your computer in a fire or run over it with… Read more

Google unveils price points for Chromebook leasing

After unveiling the first official generation of Chromebooks at Google I/O, the big G indicated that companies and schools would be able to get in on the cloud-based netbooks with simple fleet management via a leasing program. And now, we have specific numbers regarding the cost. Businesses will be charged $28 per month to lease a Chromebook, and… Read more

Day 2 of Google I/O yields more free loot

If yesterday’s handout of a 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab at Google I/O didn’t make you a bit jealous (tickets sold out in under and hour, so don’t kick yourself), this will: today, attendees were given free Verizon LTE hotspot devices and promised a new Chromebook. Though the Chromebooks are not in San Francisco at the moment, they should be available… Read more

Acer Chromebook: Chrome on the low

If you’re looking to plunk down a sizable chunk of change to convert your laptop-lifestyle into a Chromebook one, then the Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks are the way to go. If you’re trying to save a little money, as well as add a little more portability, then Acer has you covered. Announced alongside the Samsung Chromebook today, Acer has come out… Read more

Google unveils ChromeOS-based “Chromebooks”

It looks like all the hard work put into testing and updating those Cr-48 computers has finally paid off, as Google has just announced the retail machines that will be running Chrome OS. They call them, “Chromebooks.” Chromebooks are being touted as a new kind of computer. There’s no internal storage. No programs or unneeded software. No intrusive… Read more

Google bringing Netflix to Chrome, Chrome OS, and Linux via HTML5

Following up on reports that Netflix would eventually use HTML5 for instant streaming of their movies rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight, a chromium.org post (which is now password protected) recently revealed that a new version of Netflix utilizing the tech should be available for the next generation of Chrome OS devices. The server-side technology… Read more

Chrome web app: Twimbow

The Chrome Web Store is full of links to web apps that run on pretty much any modern browser. Installing the free Web Store entry for these apps usually just throws a cute little icon onto your new tab screen in Chrome browser and Chrome OS. But I won’t let the lack of exclusive Chrome app content and of any recognizable modifications to the browser… Read more