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Hexxeh’s “Luigi” to deprecate current Cr-48 BIOS hacks

If you’re one of those techies that just can’t stop tinkering and you happen to have one of Google’s Chrome OS-powered Cr-48 netbooks on hand, you might be interested in an involved tutorial over at The Chrome Source that will ready your ChromeBook for Windows 7 and even OS X. But it is involved; the list of steps includes cracking open the casing and… Read more

Video: Another Cr-48 goes in the dumpster

As clever and fun as Google’s notebook killing advertising campaign is I’m guessing that the spots, which feature the Chrome OS powered Cr-48 (see my impressions here) being methodically demolished in creative and elaborate scenarios are a bit painful for many of you to watch. Namely, those of you who signed up for the Cr-48 pilot program and still… Read more

Video: “Happy Christmas” from Google Chrome UK

Google loves revealing season specific themes, videos, and greetings across their Internet properties. Some are elaborate undertakings, like their partnership with NORAD for tracking Santa’s path around the planet. Some are a bit more subtle, like the holiday Doodle. Google’s Chrome OS YouTube channel for the UK is home to one of dozens of holiday… Read more

Google Cr-48: Will it Blend?

If you read my post on my first seven days with Google’s Chrome OS powered Cr-48, you might have seen a Chrome OS Internet commercial called “How to remain calm despite what’s about to happen to your Chrome notebook.” The spot depicts Cr-48s undergoing elaborate destruction. One of Google’s top selling points for Chrome OS gear is that all of your data… Read more

One week with the Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook

I’ve been using Google’s Chrome OS based Cr-48 notebook for one week now, and while I consider myself lucky to have a tester unit, I have mixed feelings about the experience. I’ve tried to use the pilot program prototype as my primary computer, as I agreed to when applying for my own free netbook. I’ve found that the Cr-48 is great for leisure surfing,… Read more

Paul Buchheit sets record straight: Google is awesome

Paul Buchheit is the man behind Google’s Gmail, a major contributor to AdSense, and the founder of FriendFeed, among other things. So it’s not surprising that tech media pounced on a tweet (via FriendFeed) by the ex-Googler that proclaimed, just a week after the launch of Chrome OS, that “ChromeOS will be killed next year (or “merged” with… Read more

Last chance to request Google’s Cr-48

At midnight PST tonight, Google’s application site for the Cr-48 Pilot Program will shut down. Google had 60,000 soft touch, nondescript black notebooks manufactured for the purpose of handing them out to users like you in order to get a better idea of how the public will use their cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS. The pilot program also functions as… Read more

ChromeDeck gets desktop notifications per column

The TweetDeck app made specifically for the Chrome Browser, commonly referred to as ChromeDeck, just got desktop notifications. TweetDeck founder and CEO Iain Dodsworth announced the new feature minutes ago via Twitter. Notification settings exist for each individual column and allow for handsome pop-up boxes and sounds. If you’re running or up,… Read more

Hexxeh introduces Lime series of Chrome OS builds

Those of you that have been testing and tinkering with Google’s Chrome OS since before the launch of their Cr-48 pilot program no doubt have heard of Hexxeh, the hacker behind the famously enhanced version of Chrome OS, Flow and a super-simple USB flash drive boot. Flow featured improved hardware support over Google’s early releases as well as some… Read more

Video: Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook – Unboxing, setup

With 60,000 free notebooks up for grabs, it seems reasonable to assume that anyone who requested entry into Google’s Cr-48 pilot program on day one of submissions would snag their own unbranded, soft touch black beauty. But I was still pretty thrilled to have one dropped at my door this morning, not having mentioned anything about DroidDog in my… Read more