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Google CR-48 specs

Is your heart all a-flutter for Google’s nondescript, soft-touch, rubberized Chrome OS notebook, the CR-48? Well, not everyone can get in on Google’s early CR-48 testing program. But we can live vicariously through the lucky ones. So, after you’ve watched PC World’s unboxing video, and read about Geek.com’s “first 48″, check out the new entry for the… Read more

Adobe: Flash video acceleration for Chrome OS top priority

One of the primary complaints of those who have been lucky enough to get in on Google’s pilot test program for their CR-48 Chrome OS nebook has been Flash video performance. Quirks and bugs can be expected at this stage of the game. After all, those with Google’s rubberized notebook in their laps have them for the sole purpose of discovering problems. And… Read more

Did you notice a change at the site today?

DroidDog saw some significant changes at the unveiling of its fresh new design on December 1st, but we’re not finished with the upgrades just yet. Many of the continuing tweaks are virtually unnoticeable from and end-user standpoint but are important nonetheless. Our IT team is working hard to improve the friendliness and functionality of the entire family… Read more

Chrome OS ready for enterprise with Citrix

Yesterday’s Chrome OS event yielded some significant details about Google’s upcoming entrance into the desktop and laptop market with their web and cloud based light-weight operating system. Chrome OS is already a “must try” piece of software for tinkerers, but Cloud printing and encrypted storage indicate that Chrome could be heading in another direction:… Read more

Chrome event recap: Web Store, Verizon, Cr-48 and more

This has been quite the day for Google and it’s Chrome branded line of products. At the Chrome event that took place earlier today, the present and future of Chrome was discussed in depth and included topics ranging from the newly released Web Store to the first ever Chrome based netbook. Engadget was there to live blog the event, and we’re here to… Read more

Google’s Chrome OS coming late Fall

While we at DroidDog are focused primarily on Google’s open mobile platform, Android, we do like to branch out a bit and cover other Google news. And in the hopes that the search giant’s web app centric operating system will play very nicely with Android, Chrome OS seems, to me, like an appropriate topic of discussion. What about you? Would you like to read… Read more