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Pop-Out Google Keep App For Chrome Now Available

If you started using Google Keep when it was released, you know the usefulness of notes being synced across all platforms. Between your Android phone, tablet, and the website, your notes are everywhere. However, Google took it a step further and released a Chrome app for Google Keep. However, it’s not just an extension that links to the site; it’s a… Read more

Chrome Web Store going global

When Google initially released the Chrome Web Store, it was met with great success. One of the only groans surrounding the launch was its limited availability; up until now, the Web Store was only available to users in the United States. Thankfully, Google is looking to change that by opening a developer preview in fifteen different countries. The… Read more

John’s top 5 Chrome Web Store entries for music and video

Since receiving Google’s Cr-48 Chrome OS netbook two weeks ago (unboxing, impressions), I’ve spent a fair amount of my time with the device looking for the coolest extensions and web apps. Those you’ll find in the Chrome Web Store range from highly specific apps that are tailored for the Chrome browser on the Chrome OS to icons that are nothing but… Read more

Video: Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook – Unboxing, setup

With 60,000 free notebooks up for grabs, it seems reasonable to assume that anyone who requested entry into Google’s Cr-48 pilot program on day one of submissions would snag their own unbranded, soft touch black beauty. But I was still pretty thrilled to have one dropped at my door this morning, not having mentioned anything about DroidDog in my… Read more