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Chrome For Android Updated, Adds Full Screen Mode

Chrome for Android started pretty poorly, with lag issues and lack of features. For a long time, I simply did not want to use it. But Chrome quickly grew, with big speed improvements and the addition of many useful features. Today, Chrome for Android was updated to version 27 (to match the desktop version), and with it came a few new features. The… Read more

Google’s Conversational Search Now Live With Chrome 27 Update

Hello Google Chrome conversation voice search now up and running with the newest update to Chrome 27. It’s still a little finicky and isn’t as complete as the Google I/O demo showed us just yet, but you’ll see the microphone in the main search window on Google.com. The bright-side of Google’s conversation search is the natural language and semantic… Read more

Google Hangouts Is Available To Use Now!

If you haven’t already heard, Google announced its unified chat service that we’ve been hearing about for a while.  Hangouts will bring together all the different Google services such as Gmail, Google+, iOS, Android and Chrome. You will be able to save your chat history, send emoji icons, photos and make video calls. Hangouts will replace Google… Read more

Pop-Out Google Keep App For Chrome Now Available

If you started using Google Keep when it was released, you know the usefulness of notes being synced across all platforms. Between your Android phone, tablet, and the website, your notes are everywhere. However, Google took it a step further and released a Chrome app for Google Keep. However, it’s not just an extension that links to the site; it’s a… Read more

Google Now May Be Coming To The Web

Google Now for Android (well, Jelly Bean anyway) has been an absolutely fantastic product. Not only is it useful, it’s also smart. But being limited to one platform can’t be good for Google Now, as Google relies on their services to earn them money. Android isn’t their primary focus. And we’ve seen some people that suggest it’ll come to iOS, and even to… Read more

Update: Google Creates Its Own Rendering Engine For Chromium

Chromium (and the Chrome browser that is built from it) is a complex web browser. Though it’s built on the standard WebKit rendering engine, it uses multi-process architecture. This is what allows one tab to crash horribly and the rest of the browser to keep working. However, integrating this and many other things into WebKit became complex and slowed… Read more

Google Releases New Chrome Experiment Called World Wide Maze

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7AvTl9aU5D8 Ever wanted to roll around your favorite web site in a giant maze? Now you can! With World Wide Maze, you take control of a marble and enter your favorite site (DroidDog of course!) and Google Chrome will turn that site into a big, multi level maze! This Chrome Experiment syncs Chrome on… Read more

Google Making Google+ Photos App For Chrome


Google has a new Chrome app in the works, and it’s called Google+ Photos. But this isn’t just some web app, it’s a very attractive app powered by Native Client technology (called Pulsar). With this app, you can upload photos from Chrome, and it’ll even pick the best shots and auto upload photos when you connect a device to a computer. Like we said, it… Read more