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Android 5.0 rumored to launch in the second quarter of 2012

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich currently has a 1 percent stake within the Android Army. On the bright side, that is looking to change at the end of this month with Mobile World Congress, and manufacturers set to announce plenty of new handsets with the latest build of Android already installed. But, those devices may not see the light of day on US-based… Read more

Chrome Beta for Android First Impressions [Video]

Now that Chrome Beta for Android has been available for a bit, I’ve taken some time to develop my first impressions of the application. It’s obvious that the Chrome team is a separate division of Google that does its own thing, but we really like what they’ve done so far, especially with the tablet experience. It feels like a “real” web browser now…. Read more

Google Search and Firefox Partnership Unclear for the Future

The year has not been kind to Firefox. Once it sat as the darling child and easy alternative to Internet Explorer, but in the last three years since Chrome’s existence times have been tough. Recent reports put Firefox below IE and Chrome as the third most popular browser. The problem for Firefox is it’s most important partner and biggest rival are… Read more

New Chrome Web Store Review [Video]

Google refreshed their Chrome web store alongside a rollout of the newest version of Chrome 15 today. This brings some pretty slick UI changes and an overhaul to the organization of apps in ‘collections.’ You can also +1 apps, share them and leave reviews and more! Check out the full video… Read more

Chromebook takes a big step forward

Computers running Google’s Chrome OS are seeing greatly improved functionality thanks to this week’s significant OS update. On the heels of yesterday’s Netflix announcement, Kindle launched their Cloud Reader, which allows for instant access from virtually any computing device (Chromebeeks are specifically mentioned on the about page). But that’s not… Read more