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OK Go’s new video a Chrome delight

OK Go has had enormous success, due largely to the online popularity of their videos. The Rube Goldberg-inspired This Too Shall Pass and the virally explosive Here it Goes Again achieved the perfect combination of catchy tunes and funny/mesmerizing visuals for a guaranteed Internet sensation. But unlike their previous videos, which garnered praise… Read more

Quick Hangouts for Google+

Just a quick note about a new Chrome extension that enhances Google+: It’s called Quick Hangouts and adds a list of current hangouts (being hosted be people in your circles) underneath your “Start a Hangout” button. Now, if you miss a Hangout announcement, or if there are just too many in your Stream to keep track of, you can simply check out this new… Read more

Reddit Companion released for Chrome

Today on the Reddit Blog, the release of an open source Chrome extension was announced: Reddit Companion. The Reddit-official free add-on stays out of your way when not visiting a URL that has been submitted to Reddit, but creates a toolbar at the top of your screen when a Reddit post is loaded. The bar makes for easy voting, viewing the karma of a… Read more

Google Chrome 12 stable released

Chrome users will be happy to know that there’s a good chance their browser has already been automatically updated to the newest stable version of the Google Chrome web-browser, Chrome 12, bringing with it a lump of new features to keep you more secure, and enhance your browsing experience. On the security front, Chrome will now scan any downloaded… Read more

Google unveils price points for Chromebook leasing

After unveiling the first official generation of Chromebooks at Google I/O, the big G indicated that companies and schools would be able to get in on the cloud-based netbooks with simple fleet management via a leasing program. And now, we have specific numbers regarding the cost. Businesses will be charged $28 per month to lease a Chromebook, and… Read more

Day 2 of Google I/O yields more free loot

If yesterday’s handout of a 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab at Google I/O didn’t make you a bit jealous (tickets sold out in under and hour, so don’t kick yourself), this will: today, attendees were given free Verizon LTE hotspot devices and promised a new Chromebook. Though the Chromebooks are not in San Francisco at the moment, they should be available… Read more

Angry Birds for Chrome available now

Ahh Angry Birds. The international sign for “your OS has finally made it” can be downloaded now to play within your browser at 60fps. In the words of Col. Angus, Bird Expert: “Lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary finches we’re talkin’ about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that’s gonna kick you in the ‘nads. And they’re the… Read more

Google bringing Netflix to Chrome, Chrome OS, and Linux via HTML5

Following up on reports that Netflix would eventually use HTML5 for instant streaming of their movies rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight, a chromium.org post (which is now password protected) recently revealed that a new version of Netflix utilizing the tech should be available for the next generation of Chrome OS devices. The server-side technology… Read more

Google I/O 2011 news round-up

This post features a collection of stories generated by this year’s events at Google’s annual developer’s conference, Google I/O. The conference takes place over May 10th and 11th in San Francisco. A great deal of the conference is being live streamed (also embedded above), and you can access the Google I/O session schedule so you won’t miss the… Read more

Chrome Web Store going global

When Google initially released the Chrome Web Store, it was met with great success. One of the only groans surrounding the launch was its limited availability; up until now, the Web Store was only available to users in the United States. Thankfully, Google is looking to change that by opening a developer preview in fifteen different countries. The… Read more