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Honeycomb theme for Google Chrome Browser

If you’re one of those people who are always looking for a way to spruce up their computing experience, right now might be the time for a visual change. A developer named Roman Nurik has created a theme for Google’s Chrome browser called…Honeycomb Chrome Theme. Roman works at Google as an Android Developer Advocate, and his theme carries over the… Read more

TweetDeck launches Deck.ly for extended tweets

Fans of TweetDeck for the Desktop, Chrome browser, and Android no longer need a third party solution like TwitLonger in order to break through that 140 character limit that makes Twitter what it is. As of today, TweetDeck on those platforms has been updated to utilize an extended tweet service by TweetDeck called Deck.ly. Deckly supports unlimited… Read more

Gmail gets unread badge and desktop notifications for Chrome

There are numerous ways to display an unread messages badge for your Gmail account on a computer. Personally, I use a Fluid app (based on Safari) and the launch icon in my Mac’s dock features an unread messages badge. Chrome already shows unread message count in the page title for a tab, but if you pin your tabs or have a lot of them open, this… Read more

Chrome extension: Turn Off the Lights

When covering Chrome extensions, I generally like to alert readers to software that is a fresh release, or older, but deserving of more attention. Today, I’m posting on an extension that has been available for well over a year, is available for every major browser, and sees nearly 30,000 installs per week on Chrome alone. Turn Off the Lights is popular… Read more

Chrome web app: Twimbow

The Chrome Web Store is full of links to web apps that run on pretty much any modern browser. Installing the free Web Store entry for these apps usually just throws a cute little icon onto your new tab screen in Chrome browser and Chrome OS. But I won’t let the lack of exclusive Chrome app content and of any recognizable modifications to the browser… Read more

Videos: Google’s open source year in review

Chris DiBona is Google’s Open Source Programs Manager, and oversaw many of the over 100 Google projects released in 2010. This week, he sat down with GNU/Linux wiz Jeremy Allison for a casual video interview to talk about Android, Chrome OS, new technologies like WebM, the Summer of Code, licensing, the state of open source around the world, some personal… Read more

One week with the Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook

I’ve been using Google’s Chrome OS based Cr-48 notebook for one week now, and while I consider myself lucky to have a tester unit, I have mixed feelings about the experience. I’ve tried to use the pilot program prototype as my primary computer, as I agreed to when applying for my own free netbook. I’ve found that the Cr-48 is great for leisure surfing,… Read more

Last chance to request Google’s Cr-48

At midnight PST tonight, Google’s application site for the Cr-48 Pilot Program will shut down. Google had 60,000 soft touch, nondescript black notebooks manufactured for the purpose of handing them out to users like you in order to get a better idea of how the public will use their cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS. The pilot program also functions as… Read more

ChromeDeck gets desktop notifications per column

The TweetDeck app made specifically for the Chrome Browser, commonly referred to as ChromeDeck, just got desktop notifications. TweetDeck founder and CEO Iain Dodsworth announced the new feature minutes ago via Twitter. Notification settings exist for each individual column and allow for handsome pop-up boxes and sounds. If you’re running or up,… Read more

Google CR-48 specs

Is your heart all a-flutter for Google’s nondescript, soft-touch, rubberized Chrome OS notebook, the CR-48? Well, not everyone can get in on Google’s early CR-48 testing program. But we can live vicariously through the lucky ones. So, after you’ve watched PC World’s unboxing video, and read about Geek.com’s “first 48″, check out the new entry for the… Read more