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DISH Tries To Steal Clearwire Out From Under Sprint Network

So here’s some news that took everyone, especially Sprint, by surprise. DISH wants to buy the 49.2% of Clearwire that Sprint does not already own. It has even made a bid of $5.15 billion, at $3.30 per share, which is over twice what Sprint is offering. Sprint is obviously upset with DISH’s deviousness, but they’re not too scared. Sprint believes… Read more

Sprint Acquires The Rest Of Clearwire For $2.2 Billion

Sprint has just acquired Clearwire for $2.2 billion, which is just $100 million more than its previous offer. That’s the highest amount that Softbank, Sprint’s new major investor, would allow the company to offer for the acquisition of Clearwire. For a second there it almost looked like Sprint wouldn’t be able to acquire Clearwire, partly due to the… Read more

Softbank Inhibits Sprint’s Bid On Clearwire

Yesterday, Sprint made a $2.1 billion offer to purchase the remaining 49% of Clearwire it doesn’t own. That’s roughly $2.90 per share of Clearwire. Today Softbank told Sprint that it is only allowed to bid up to $2.97 per share, which is what Sprint paid when it bought a small stake of Clearwire from its founder Craig McCaw’s Eagle River Holdings… Read more

Sprint Looking To Acquire The Other 49% Of Clearwire

It looks like being majority shareholder of a company isn’t enough for Sprint. Sprint already owns 50.8% of Clearwire since October 18th. It has voting control of all of Clearwire’s decisions, but that just isn’t enough. Sprint is now making a move to grab the remaining 49.2% of Clearwire. Not only will this give Sprint complete control over… Read more

Sprint Is Making Moves: Acquires Majority Stake In Clearwire

Following the move by Japanese carrier Softbank Corp. to agree to a purchase of Sprint, the US’ third largest carrier is making moves to help improve their network. Earlier today it was revealed that Sprint has upped its current stake in Clearwire to 50.8 %, giving the carrier voting control over all Clearwire company decisions. Please keep in mind,… Read more

Sprint gets access to Clearwire’s WiMAX network until 2015

All you Android users on Sprint, there is some good news coming down the pipe for your enjoyment. Today marked the day that Clearwire was due to pay the interest on an outstanding debt (to the tune of $237 million). What comes from the payment you ask? Well Sprint, as part of its transition to LTE was planning to phase out WiMAX coverage in 2012. Now, with… Read more