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T-Mobile looking to soothe Cliq XT user’s wounds

Late last week, we brought you a story here on DroidDog about how Motorola has come out and said they are going to leave the Cliq XT on Android 1.5 for good. Motorola’s reasoning behind the denial for upgrade comes from their inability to create a “better customer experience.” Needless to say, those who have purchased the device are not happy. Fortunately,… Read more

Motorola Cliq XT destined to stay on 1.5

For most of you, the thought of using an Android device that still runs on 1.5 is ludicrous. In this day and age, it is. It hasn’t even been one full year since Motorola released the Cliq XT, and it’s just been announced the device will never see an update. According to Motorola Owners’ Forum manager Matt: “After comprehensive testing of the Android… Read more

Get your Mother’s Day Cliq-scount

Starting May 7th and running until May 9th, you can grab a Cliq XT from your local T-Mobile store for $50 dollars off ($79.99) in honor of Mother’s Day. I’m sure by now you know all the specs and features of the XT… BLUR, full touch-screen, 5MP camera with LED flash… you know, a Cliq with no keyboard. Of course this deal is only good with new two year… Read more

Cliq XT: get it while it’s hot!

If you were waiting for the Cliq XT, a keyboard-less Cliq, then you are good to go. Need a quick refresher course? The Cliq XT features MOTOBLUR, 5MP camera with LED flash, 320 x 480 screen, and just about everything else you would expect to come on a newer Android device. The only bad thing is Android 1.5, but with a potential update in the making and… Read more

Noah unboxes the Cliq XT

The Swype-equipped T-Mobile Cliq XT should be launched tomorrow running Android 1.5, but there’s still no *official* date on the calendar. This one features MotoBlur, Flash Lite, and a 5 MP cam. I’m sure we’ll be covering price and other features tomorrow. For now, check out an unboxing and hands on from PhoneDog. Via… Read more

Cliq XT Wears T-Mobile Like A Glove

Not much to report here other than we now have a little more proof the Cliq XT (AKA Zepplin) will land on T-Mobile USA before too long now. It still sports BLUR and comes with no keyboard, but that’s not all. The sides of the phone are touch sensitive so you can select apps and what-have-you, something that hasn’t really been mentioned before. The Cliq XT… Read more

Hands on with the Cliq XT (Quench)

Check out PhoneDog’s European man on the scene reporting from Barcelona on the Cliq XT, otherwise known as Quench. It ships with Swype and is without a physical QWERTY. It’s got MotoBlur on top of Android 1.5> Has pinch-to-zoom and a nice looking virtual kb, but the screen is 3.1 inches at 320 x 480. Look for it on T-Mobile next month. Via… Read more