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1.6 and Google Navigation

Many of you know that Google Maps with navigation is now available to Android devices running version 1.6 – Donut. But for those who share the same days off as I do, here’s the lowdown: Google Nav on 1.6 does not allow voice commands such as “navigate to.” However, as explained at the Google Mobile Blog, you can create shortcuts on your homescreen… Read more

Motorola Cliq for $119.99

Check this out: dealnews.com is linking up to Wirefly to offer the Motorola Cliq at $119.99…with free shipping. Of course that’s on a two-year contract, but it’s still the cheapest deal they’ve seen by $80, and I have to concur. Don’t forget the $35 activation fee…. Read more

Motorola Morrison / Cliq / Dext


Specs:528 MHz processsor; 512 MB ROM; 288 MB RAM; 3.2″ 320 x 480 TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen; GPS; accelerometer; compass; bluetooth; 5.0 MP color cam w/ auto-focus; 1500 mAh battery Released by: T-mobile Pre-orders begin on 10/19 and the phone will be on shelves on 11/2. US cost: $199 with a two-year agreement, $449 outright. Notes:… Read more

Cliq unboxing and hands-on

Noah found a nice surprize at his door when he got home today, and made a video about it. If my Internet connection wasn’t limited to slow-motion bursts of activity, I’d watch the whole thing and insert some relevant information here before posting. However, my upgraded Comcast Internet is having serious issues. “Hey neighbour, could ya kill the P2P for… Read more

DEXT unboxed in the UK

Here’s a taste of the unboxing videos sure to pop up in the US in the coming weeks, although the box art is likely to differ. It’s the Motorola DEXT on the UK carrier, Orange. For those of us in America, the phone will be called Cliq, and will be on the T-Mobile network. Via… Read more

Another barstool Cliq video

That title is in reference to Noah’s video from the Cliq launch in San Francisco, which already gave us a good look at Cliq and MotoBlur. But more is always better, right. In this video by PhoneScoop, the rep covers the Sense-like social integration of MotoBlur, aggregation of data under contacts, security features, and more. With pre-orders beginning… Read more

Cliq wallpapers

Courtesy of @site_unscene, a grip of wallpapers from the Motorola Cliq. The titles were apparently changed to include “HTC” during optimization. Insert obligatory leak disclaimer here. The man who sent these over also points out: All of those wallpapers are from the Motorola CLIQ. They are not specifically tied to the 6 remaining phones to debut in… Read more

Cliq pre-order start date: 10.19

It looks like yet another TMoNews leak was dead on. Maybe one day DroidDog will get enough of a following that sales departments, engineers, PR people, and even shipping employees will pop in let loose those little bits of hot information that feel like they’re going to burn a hole in your pocket. T-Mobile has a countdown posted at their Cliq promo… Read more

Motorola’s Cliq – and Blur – get reviewed

Not by me… not yet. But ZDNet got their considerably wealthier and higher profile hands on a review unit and you can watch them run through some of the strengths and weaknesses of the device here. And for the sake of convenience, they put together a quick video demonstrating the bullet points. They also got some great images, one of which is copied… Read more