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CyanogenMod Integrates CWM Superuser Into Settings

Recently, Koush released CWM Superuser to the world. It’s a super user app that allows you to choose what apps get root access, but it has the advantage of being open source and easily built from source without dependencies. This made it the prime candidate for CyanogenMod’s default SU app, so they decided to use it in their new nightlies. However, they… Read more

Koush Releases Beta Of CWM Superuser, Fully Open Source

We already have two root handling apps available, and a third has just arrived. Famed developer Koush has released a beta of his new root app called ClockworkMod Superuser. That’s great, but why do we need another super user app? Here’s Koush’s explanation: Some of you are probably wondering why I’m rewriting Superuser. * Superuser should be open… Read more

Mac Version Of Nexus 7 Toolkit Released

If you look at the Android modding scene, one thing can be said: rooting processes are usually Windows-based. I’ve seen Mac users be left out because there is no root method for them, needing to either Bootcamp or get a Windows PC. Well Nexus 7 owners won’t have to feel that pain anymore, as a toolkit has been released for Mac. This new script comes… Read more

ClockworkMod 6 Released for Nexus 7/S

ClockworkMod took to Twitter today to announce that CWM 6, the newest version of the custom recovery, has finally made its way to some of Google’s children. The Nexus S how has full support as well as the Nexus 7. This is one of the most popular ROM managers out today. Given that these are Nexus devices, it’s not surprising that these devices are the… Read more

Koush Shows Off Some New ClockworkMod v6 Features

If you’re not familiar with ClockworkMod, or CWM, it’s probably because you’re not rooting and modding your Android device.  That’s okay, I respect that.  But what it is, it’s basically the pseudo-default custom recovery for the Android world.  Through the custom recovery, you can perform several important functions such as backing up your device,… Read more