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Nook Tablet now has an easy microSD card-based root method

Barnes and Noble locked down the bootloader on the Nook Tablet pretty tight with a software update a few months ago, upsetting many users of the relatively inexpensive tablet. Since then it has been hard to root the tablet, but a clever developer over at XDA has figured out a new method that just requires a microSD card. It also requires that the user’s PC… Read more

G2X custom fitted with ClockworkMod recovery

Just one day after the retail arrival of the LG G2X, and the Android community has already rooted the device, and slapped a custom recovery on it. Famed Android developer Chris Soyars is the one credited with first getting ClockworkMod recovery to work on the G2X, and despite a few small bugs, everything looks to be in working order. As of right now,… Read more

NOOKcolor gets ClockworkMod

Those of you NOOKcolor fanatics that have rooted and otherwise hacked the sleek little e-reader will be happy to know that Android’s top recovery ClockworkMod, and the ultimate flasher’s friend, ROM Manager, are both are Nook aware as of yesterday, when announcement was made on Twitter. If you’ve got the Market running on your NC, simply install ROM… Read more