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AT&T And Amazon Forage Into The Cloud Storage Space

It looks like both Amazon and AT&T are taking a dive into the cloud storage game. It makes sense for Amazon, as they are pretty much based in the cloud. But it is an interesting move for AT&T. Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5GB of free storage, with further pricing options available (like 20GB for only $10 a year). That’s about in line with the… Read more

Dead Trigger Update Coming Soon, Brings Fantastic Features!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcecaYEXTXw&feature=player_embedded#! Looking for something to get excited about? Look no further. Madfinger Games has announced the Dead Trigger 1.1.0 update, and it looks absolutely incredible. They’re throwing in two new guns, two new melee weapons (how cool is that chainsaw?!), new environments, new zombies (I can tell… Read more

Samsung Announces Music Hub, Galaxy S III Exclusive For Now

With Samsung’s acquisition of mSpot earlier in the month, we had every expectation that Samsung would launch a cloud-based music service and today they have done exactly that. Announcing “Music Hub,” Samsung’s answer to iCloud is the “first completely integrated, all-in-one mobile music service.” Samsung’s basing the service off of mSpot’s own… Read more