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Google Music Beta: first impressions

It’s silly to complain about technological inconveniences these days, and I’m not about to. But I have to admit that, despite the amazing capability we have to carry around the stunning performances of brilliant musicians, valuable spoken words of inspiring public figures, or an author’s inimitable reading of their masterpiece tome–centuries worth of… Read more

Google Music is only a hack away

According to loose timelines and rumor mills, we should have already seen Google’s cloud syncing answer to music storage. Talks of the service first picked up several months ago, and officially, we’ve still year to hear a thing. Unofficially, it’s ready to go. According to XDA user WhiteWidows, when using the Honeycomb music player on a CyanogenMod 2.3.3… Read more

New Amazon Web Services SDKs available for Android

In order for Android developers to integrate Amazon’s cloud services into their apps before now, it took a lot of tinkering and the creation of their own libraries for connection purposes. Starting today, Amazon will be offering a helping hand in the release of mobile software development kits that “make it easier for software developers to call an AWS… Read more