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CyanogenMod Serving Its Own Flavor Of Pie

So, the screenshot I show above isn’t actually CyanogenMod Pie, but some Paranoid Android Pie.  But, beginning yesterday, March 25th, “the two patches that enable this functionality were merged” so we should see this in upcoming CM nightlies.  I used Pie back when it was first implemented in PA, and loved the look of my Galaxy Nexus with an expanded… Read more

CyanogenMod Integrates CWM Superuser Into Settings

Recently, Koush released CWM Superuser to the world. It’s a super user app that allows you to choose what apps get root access, but it has the advantage of being open source and easily built from source without dependencies. This made it the prime candidate for CyanogenMod’s default SU app, so they decided to use it in their new nightlies. However, they… Read more

Official CM10.1 Nightlies Out For Nexus 7 Plus Others

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while.  There have been unofficials out there, but the CyanogenMod developers have finally released the first CM10.1 nightly for the Nexus 7 (grouper).  Also, CM10.1 nightlies have also been released today for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro) and ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (tf700t).  You may have a different opinion,… Read more