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Samsung Shows Off La Fleur Device Collection

If you’re a fan of flowers, we have some good news for you. Samsung will be releasing the 2013 La Fleur collection, consisting of the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy S Duos, and the Galaxy Ace Duos. Samsung is taking these devices and covering them with flowers as a new design. They will be more expensive than a standard device… Read more

Verizon Collecting And Selling Your Private Data, Opt Out Available

Carriers never miss a chance to be a bit more evil. Verizon is a prime suspect here, when it was revealed that they use a program called Precision Market Insights to sell private data to other companies. The data isn’t just location or anything simple like that, it’s also your device, websites you’ve visited, social media accounts used, age, and even if… Read more