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Comcast XFINITY TV Player App Has Arrived

Comcast announced the XFINITY TV Player app back in January 2011 stating the app would eventually be coming to Android tablets.  Fortunately, Comcast did one better and made the app available to all devices running Android 2.3 and higher yesterday.  The app allows one to watch thousands of XFINITY ON Demand TV shows and movies wherever you have a data… Read more

Verizon Wireless ups its spectrum portfolio

For those keeping track of wireless carriers these days, you know that all news isn’t good news. While AT&T bickers with the FCC over the recent collapse of the T-Mobile buy out, Big Red’s day just got a little rosier. Verizon Wireless just struck a deal worth $3.6 billion to buy wireless spectrum covering 259 million Americans from Comcast, Time Warner… Read more

Comcast to bring live and on-demand content to Android

Cable monolith Comcast announced today that Android tablet and iPad owners will see live and on-demand content streaming to their gadgets in 2011 via XFINITY apps. The capability will come to iPad first in a couple of weeks and to Android sometime later in the year. XFINITY will give users direct access to social networks and a recommendation service… Read more