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Google Now Allows Developers To Respond To Play Store Comments

Play Store comments on apps are the best way to get feedback on your creations. Yes, there will be many trolls and/or idiots who leave bad reviews for reasons you couldn’t think of even if you tried. But there are genuinely good comments with real feedback on how to better those apps. Before, the only way to get a response was to email the developer…. Read more

App Developers Can Now Reply To Comments On Google Play

The comments system in Google Play can be very useful for someone with questions about an app, allowing them to see what other users that have downloaded it to get a better feel. One of the larger issues is that users would download an app, have an issue, then leave it in the comments. That wasn’t the most productive method, as developers could not… Read more

Top Developers Can Now Reply To Google Play Comments

It’s finally here, the feature that Android developers have been anxiously waiting for. Google is touting the upcoming ability for publishers in the Google Play Store to reply directly to users’ comments. The feature is currently available only for those with a Top Developer’s badge in a limited testing capacity, but is expected to make a wider… Read more

Say Hello To Our New Comment System, Livefyre

Now that I’ve taken over the DroidDog world, at least temporarily and one of my first official acts is to do away with the Facebook comment system. I know some of you swear by it and I’m not saying it’s awful, but it doesn’t allow for the kind of engagement I’m hoping to see on DroidDog now. Therefore we’re introducing Livefyre, a brand new way to… Read more