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Samsung S Pebble Renamed Muse For The US, Only $49

The Samsung S Pebble is an interesting little accessory. With 4GB of internal memory, it’s meant to be both a standalone music player and a companion to your Galaxy device (like Galaxy S II, S III, Note, Note II and others). It is a screen-less pebble music player with controls on the front. It is not meant to be connected to your computer; you have to… Read more

Jawbone Jambox Gets Update With Android App Support

The Big Jambox debuted the Android Jawbone Companion app, along with support for audible notifications through the speaker. These are not only great features, but necessary to an extent. Unfortunately, those features were exclusive to the Big Jambox, while original Jambox owners were left out. Luckily, Jawbone is providing an update to the original… Read more

My Xbox LIVE App Hits Google Play, Gamers Rejoice

That’s right, Android users can finally get their own Xbox LIVE companion app straight from Microsoft. Available now in the Google Play store, My Xbox LIVE allows LIVE members to edit their profile, modify their avatar, track and compare achievements with friends, and send messages to others. This is great for anyone looking to take their LIVE… Read more