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Google I/O Scheduled For May 15-17 2013, Once Again In SF

Google has finally announced the dates for the Google I/O developer conference. It shall take place from May 15th to May 17th 2013 and will be held, as always at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. Strangely, the Google I/O page has not been updated; it’s still stuck in 2012. However, at least we know the dates. Also, registration details will be… Read more

Amazon to Host Press Conference September 6

Amazon has sent out invites to a September 6th press conference they’ll be hosting in Santa Monica, CA at 10:30am Pacific.  While the when and where are clearly stated, they’ve kept mum on what they’ll be addressing.  Is it a new Kindle Fire?  A phone?  We don’t know.  The fact that Android blogs have been receiving invites, however, makes us… Read more

APPCON 2010: Mobile App Development Conference

If you’re a mobile developer, or are interested in mobile development, you need to attend APPCON.  APPCON is the world’s first conference dedicated to mobile app development.  There will be 40 sessions, spread across three days, covering a variety of topics like game development, location-based services, enterprise deployment, and the business side of… Read more