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Consumer Reports Rates Several Android Phones Over The iPhone 5

Are we surprised? I’m trying to decided if I’m surprised or not.  However, as can be seen in a photo taken from this coming February issue of Consumer Reports, in the 2013 Smartphone survey several Android phones are rated ahead of the iPhone 5.  I don’t disagree, but if you look back at my top phones of 2012, I am surprised about some phone I’m not… Read more

Consumer Reports Gives The HTC One Series Top Marks

It’s not often that we refer back to Consumer Reports these days, as their smartphone rankings are often quite different than how we, as “bloggers” like to review our devices. Still, their morning news report caught my eye as they gave the HTC One series some top marks against the competition. The report did highlight that the HTC One phones aren’t… Read more

AT&T comes in last… again…

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of wireless customers and it looks like, for the second year in a row, AT&T has landed itself a last-place finish. The survey polled 66,000 Consumer Reports subscribers and found that the top finishers for 2011 included Consumer Cellular, U.S. Celluar, and Credo, all non-major carriers. In terms of the… Read more