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Xbox 360 Controller Can Now Be Used With The Nexus 7

Console controllers are not foreign to Android compatibility, but Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller has yet to be added to the list. That changes now, as a user over at XDA has figured out a way to get the Xbox 360 wireless controller working with the Nexus 7. There are a few requirements, mainly being the need for root. Thankfully, the Nexus 7 is one of… Read more

Wikipad Up For Pre-Order, Available In GameStop 10/13 For $499

The Wikipad has been reported on a few times, but we were afraid it wouldn’t come to the market. Things like this often don’t. But now it’s officially coming to GameStop stores on October 31st. That $499 will net you the tablet, packing a Tegra 3, a 1280×800 display, 16GB of storage, Jelly Bean, and the detachable controller all bundled together. You… Read more

The GameKlip Mounts Your Phone Onto A Sixaxis Controller

When first seeing this, my jaw dropped. So elegant, but so simple. It’s a mount that wraps around your PS3 sixaxis controller and attaches your phone above it, making it into a makeshift portable console. Since we all know the biggest flaw with hardcore gaming on phones is the control scheme. Touch screen controls don’t quite cut it, even when they’re… Read more

Wikipad Specs Revealed, Looks Very Desirable

Why is it that we have to buy both a tablet and a gaming device like a Vita? Tablets don’t have proper gaming controls, thus cannot be used for some hardcore gaming. Well that’s all about to change with the Wikipad. The Wikipad is a 10.1″ tablet with the standard 1280×800 IPS display, powered by a 1.4 GHz Tegra 3, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal… Read more

Motorola Corvair outed in leaked image, will give you a new way to control your cable box

While tablets are in some strange place in the market right now, somewhere between an accessory and a stand-out device, it looks like Motorola is looking to make as many devices as they can to fill up that specific niche. We know that the company has two brand new tablets coming out in the Motorola XOOM 2 and the XOOM 2 Media Edition, but now we’ve got a… Read more