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Apple, Samsung Granted Additional Motions To Pending Lawsuit

US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal granted both Samsung and Apple new infringement claims to the second patent lawsuit the companies are now embroiled in. Samsung, for its part will add the iPhone 5 to its patent-infringement claims while Apple will add the Galaxy Note, US version of the Galaxy S III and Jelly Bean. The addition of Jelly Bean… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III: Designed by Lawyers [Video]

Remember the original Samsung Galaxy S and its striking similarities with Apple’s iPhone 3GS? Remember the seemingly endless lawsuits and copyright trolling that ensued? The design of the Samsung Galaxy S III is a direct result of two years of battle between legal departments. And the above video explains it all! Enjoy! Images from… Read more

HTC claims copyright infringement over video of Beautiful Widgets

If you are enthusiastic about customizing your Android device, you’ve at least heard the name Beautiful Widgets. Most of you are probably aware of HTC’s reaction to last year’s release of the immensely popular Beautiful Widgets home screen eye candy, which originally featured some graphics that were more than reminiscent of the HTC Sense widgets, the flip… Read more