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Sprint Unleashes LTE On 7 More Markets

Sprint is gracing seven more markets with LTE, one of the biggest areas being the Chicago metro area. There was already LTE surrounding that area, but Sprint has expanded it to cover the entire place. These markets are also benefiting from Sprint’s efforts to expand their LTE network: Indianapolis/Carmel, Ind. Santa Rosa/Petaluma,… Read more

AT&T Flipping The Switch On LTE In 7 New Cities

AT&T is working hard to build it’s LTE network across the US, And today they’ve added 7 more cities to the list. It’s good to see AT&T constantly expanding its LTE network, since Verizon got a sizable head start. They say it’ll be done by 2014, then we will hopefully move on to something better and faster. Here are the cities: Pullman,… Read more

Sprint Launching LTE In 21 More Markets

Sprint is very late to the LTE game, and they’re trying to roll out their network as fast as possible. They’ve already announced 21 new markets that they will be bringing LTE to, including my San Francisco. Quite a good rollout, though they really need it. Here are all the new cities: San Francisco, CA, San Mateo-Redwood City, CA Cape Coral-Ft… Read more

AT&T Lights 7 New Cities With 4G LTE, With 45 More Planned

AT&T has announced that today they will be flipping the LTE switch on 7 new cities, giving people the much coveted 4G LTE connection. The cities are as follows: Anchorage, AK Bakersfield, CA Bridgeport, CT Modesto, CA Jacksonville, FL Omaha, NE Syracuse, NY AT&T also has plans to introduce LTE to 45 new cities by the end of… Read more

Google Maps Live Traffic Supports 130 More Cities

Google has added live traffic coverage in Google Maps for 130 more cities in the US. Live traffic is incredibly useful, and knowing this feature is coming to so many people is great. But the US is not the only one getting more support. Google has also released support for cities in China, Brazil, Canada, Russian and many other countries. Check out this… Read more