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After 9/30, No More $25 Play Store Credit With Nexus 7

When the Nexus 7 was released, it came with a free $25 Play Store credit, letting you buy apps and media content. It was genius, really. Get people sucked into that media ecosystem and keep them spending. However, after September 30th, Google will no longer be offering that $25 credit with the purchase of a Nexus 7. So if you were thinking about buying… Read more

Motorola’s $100 Credit Eligibility Page Live, Get Money For Non-Updated 2011 Moto Phone

At Motorola’s event yesterday, they said that most of their phones released in 2011 and after would be getting the Jelly Bean update. Of course, not all. Some phones will be stuck on an older version of Android (Gingerbread!). However, if you own one of these devices, Motorola announced that they’d give you $100 in credit if you buy one of their new… Read more

Get $100 Credit Buying A New Motorola Device If Your 2011 Moto Device Won’t Get JB

At Motorola’s keynote today, they were talking about upgrades. They promised Jelly Bean upgrade for almost all of their phones released on 2011. However, they said a few won’t be getting this upgrade. Of course, it’s understandable if they don’t have the specs to run it (though it still isn’t excusable). So phones like the DROID 3 won’t get it. Now… Read more

Verizon Giving $40 Bill Credit With 4G Phones From Amazon Or Wirefly, Really $10 After $30 Upgrade Fee

Verizon is giving us a little more incentive to buy their 4G LTE phones. They will now offer a $40 bill credit with a new LTE phone from Amazon Wireless or Wirefly.com. This deal starts today at 12AM and ends May 24th, so you have three short days to take advantage of this deal. Unfortunately, with the new $30 upgrade fee imposed on their customers,… Read more