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CTIA: HTC Supersonic is the EVO 4G

What could be one of the most significant, if not monstrous, Androids to date will be launching this Summer on Sprint’s 4G network. The device, which looks more than a little bit like HTC’s HD2, is the first to utilize the carrier’s WiMAX to keep you in touch. To be more specific, calls will be made via CDMA and data will transfer via EV-DO / WiMAX. We’re… Read more

CTIA: Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung has unveiled (apparently through some bizarre play) their latest Android, the Galaxy S. The phone marks a turnpoint in Samsung’s direction, featuring a 4″ super AMOLED display and a 1GHz processor – reportedly the new standard for Samsung smart phones. The device has a 5 MP primary camera with autofocus, a front-facing VGA cam, a 15 mAh battery,… Read more

Sprint to announce Supersonic: 1st WiMax phone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint will announce HTC’s Supersonic as the world’s first WiMax phone “at an industry conference next week,” which, of course, probably indicates CTIA. The launch could mean a big turnaround for the Sprint Network reputation, though my limited experience of Sprint’s WiMax and Clearwire’s Internet service here in… Read more

Slingbox Mobile for Android, coming soon

Are you a television junkie and an Android addict? There are some apps in the Android Market designed to quench your particular thirst, but the networks, shows, and quality of content they provide is fairly limited and often inconsistent. Other mobile platforms have access to Slingbox apps that allow the control and streaming of live television at home from… Read more

PhoneDog Moment video from CTIA

As the man says, it’s available on November 1st, and you can signup for pre-registration here (that’s a forward slash, not backslash.) So, the million dollar question for Android junkies looking to Sprint: “Do I grab Hero now or wait for Moment?” I don’t know. How important it the hardware QWERTY to you? I can live without it. That is, as long as I have… Read more