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Is Guy Kawasaki Teasing The X Phone?

The current batch of rumors for the fabled Motorola X Phone are pretty crazy: it won’t be one phone, but a personalized deal. You’ll be able to customize and personalize it when buying it (RAM, color, internal storage, etc), making a unique device. It’ll be a lot like the current PC industry, or maybe the luxury car industry? Guy Kawasaki recently… Read more

Apps That Improve The Stock HTC Experience

HTC’s Android overlay, Sense, catches a lot of grief for being a heavy addition to the stock experience.  I recently reviewed the HTC One X+ and in reality for this device, Sense did not ruining my experience with the device.  I like my device and the way I interact with it to look nice, and HTC’s widgets have always kind of made me slightly jealous…. Read more

New Launcher Released by MIUI: MiHome

The popular custom ROM developer MIUI released a new launcher for both Android 4.0+ and 2.3 devices Thursday morning.  MIUI ROMs are known for doing away with the app drawer much like on iOS devices.  This launcher has lots of themed icons for your Google apps such as Gmail, Google music, calendar and your camera.  It comes with some widgets as… Read more

Flan wallpapers and ringtones via Nexus

I am more than happy to pass along a bit of substantial news regarding the Nexus One that comes from a source who isn’t looking to gain anything from the leaks besides knowledge and personal enjoyment. What we have here are some wallpapers and ring tones. They aren’t available due to a loose lipped Google employee (not directly, anyway) but thanks to… Read more

Cliq wallpapers

Courtesy of @site_unscene, a grip of wallpapers from the Motorola Cliq. The titles were apparently changed to include “HTC” during optimization. Insert obligatory leak disclaimer here. The man who sent these over also points out: All of those wallpapers are from the Motorola CLIQ. They are not specifically tied to the 6 remaining phones to debut in… Read more