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CyanogenMod10 Adds SMS Pop-Up, Quick Reply Features To Nightlies

CyanogenMod fans take note as some brand new features are being introduced into the new CyanogenMod 10 nightlies. First up is QuickMessage, displaying a pop-up when you get an IM, allowing you to view or reply on the spot. Second, CM10 adds “quick reply,” letting you disable the pop-up and instead reply directly from the notification… Read more

HP TouchPad gets MIUI beta

The HP TouchPad has seen some good Android development through Cyanogen Mod, but the developers at MIUI.us aren’t going to let them stand alone. HP’s dead tablet has received a MIUI port beta, creating another option for those who enjoy hacking and flashing ROMs. Most things appear to be working, excluding the on-screen menu, with a few various bugs. Also… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets Cyanogen Mod port

Every once in awhile there is a phone that is very tough to root and get custom ROMs running on. One of those phones has become the Epic 4G Touch from Sprint. Roots have been available, but until now no real custom ROMs. That has changed as Android Developer bubby323 has ported Cyanogen Mod version 7.2 to the Epic 4G Touch. Not everything is functional (far… Read more

ROM Review: Cyanogen Mod 7

Of the many ROMs out there, CyanogenMod is the most popular. What makes it so unique and prominent is the fact that it runs stock Android, with a few added features that most find enhance the experience. Now, not everything about it is stock. For instance, it runs ADW as it’s main home launcher. But most find it to be about as pure as it… Read more