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CyanogenMod 6

The long awaited CyanogenMod 6 based off of Froyo 2.2, is finally here. If you know anything about rooting and ROMS, then you know who Cyanogen is. His team of devs have been working feverishly for the last couple weeks to come out with CM6 for several devices, and the onslaught has officially started. So far, you can download CM6RC1 for the following… Read more

Cyanogen bringin’ 2.1 to G1 UPDATE: d/l link up!

Please make sure to read all the details before doing anything. For those of you who dare: CM5 Eclair for Dream/Magic Oh yes. It has been done. We’ve been told for quite some time now, and I do mean quite some time, that Ol’ Faithful (G1) and the MT3G users would see Android 2.1. It looks like that wait has been shortened thanks to Android super-dev… Read more

Cyanogen vs. Google?

Maybe that title relies too heavily on sensationalism. How about, “Little snag in the road for popular hacker”? If you haven’t heard of Cyanogen, you probably haven’t had the slightest inkling to dig into your Android device and pimp it to its full potential. Cyanogen is, by far, the most popular Android ROM cooker to date. At first, his work was… Read more