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HP TouchPad shown running CyanogenMod 9

Owners of the discontinued HP TouchPad have been patiently wait for an Android port of the latest Ice Cream Sandwich, and it shouldn’t be too much longer. A video has just been released of the tablet running CyanogenMod 9, and things are looking pretty polished. Almost everything is working, and is very smooth for a tablet that originally ran webOS. There… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note receives early CyanogenMod 9 port

CyanogenMod 9 is coming along at a nice clip, and there are plenty of people out there eagerly anticipating getting their mitts on the popular ROM for their device. While we’ve seen how new features can be added to the build easily enough most recently with the Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it’s time for the Galaxy Note by Samsung to get its fair… Read more