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CyanogenMod 10 Getting New Boot Animation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogp9f4_yEoU&feature=player_embedded If you’ve flashed a CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean ROM at all, you know the boot animation used is the old CyanogenMod 9 one. Tricky, flashing CM10 and getting a CM9 boot animation. Well a new one has been created, and is waiting to be approved by the team. This one is very much simplified… Read more

CyanogenMod 9 stable released, Team to now focus on CM10

The team of developers behind the CyanogenMod software announced yesterday that their CyanogenMod 9 release has reached gold status. The first CyanogenMod 9 stable builds had already been made available for download, starting with the ROM for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. However, that initial rom for the GNex was not meant for public release. The team notes… Read more

GSM Galaxy Nexus Gets Stable CyanogenMod 9 Designation

CyanogenMod 9 has become officially stable for the GSM Galaxy nexus (Maguro). This means that the team has deemed this ROM pretty much bug free. Their standard for stable is very very high, so you know what this means. However, I don’t quite see a reason to ever flash it. After using a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, I don’t think CM9 could ever be an… Read more

How-To: Install CM10 Preview on Nexus 7 [Video]

CyanogenMod posted a CM10 preview for the Google Nexus 7 their Google+ last Tuesday night.  I thought I’d install on my personal Nexus 7 it to give it a little look see and bring you along with me.  A post talking about some of the new features you should see added to Jelly Bean with CM10 can be found here.  I obviously forgot to mention some of the… Read more

Nexus 7 Gets CyanogenMod 10 Preview Build

The official CyanogenMod Google+ account has announced a new build for the Nexus 7. They say that, since CM10 has already gotten so many features working (such as notification drawer toggles and themes), they will release a build for the Nexus 7. And here it is! Now a word of warning. Modifying your device is dangerous and you do so at your own risk…. Read more

CyanogenMod 10 Has Modified Jelly Bean Easter Egg

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FwVlqWh6gM&feature=player_embedded#! The Jelly Bean Easter Egg has been quite popular, for everyone running Jelly Bean and the other 99% of people who watched videos of it on the internet. The CyanogenMod team saw that, but instead of just keeping the mini game intact, they modified it a little. They replaced the jelly… Read more

CyanogenMod Features Being Put Into CM10 Now

There’s no doubt that CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs out there and with the release of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, they’re working hard to get the next version of the software, CyanogenMod 10, ready for public use. Good news for fans of the development as they’ve posted on their Google+ page that the first batch of CyanogenMod features have… Read more