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CyanogenMod nightly builds return

After a brief pause, CyanogenMod nightly builds have returned and are available to the public at teamdouche.net. Version number 7 of CM includes ClockworkMod 3.0 and Gingerbread, Android 2.3.1. These releases are experimental, unsupported, and are generally intended for the more hardcore ROM junkie. But the nightlies do provide an opportunity to taste… Read more

Cyanogen Mod 7 alpha available in ROM Manager

Merry Christmas from Android developer @koush and the hottest recovery image out there, @clockworkmod: two alpha builds of CyanogenMod were made available to Nexus S owners this weekend: the first CM alpha 7 and an update that fixed Wi-Fi and camcorder, making it a fully functional ROM. This is alpha software and flashers should be ready for some… Read more

WiMax working in CyanogenMod 6.1.1

Fantastic news for folks running CyanogenMod on their EVO 4Gs: WiMax is now working under Cyanogen 6.1.1, according to this xda-developers thread, and the Twitter feeds of the hackers responsible, toastcfh and shinzul. One of them is getting amazing DL speeds, as seen in the image below. This has been at the top of the request list for EVO users for… Read more

CyanogenMod 6.1.1 released

If you’re running a rooted Nexus One, Vision (G2), Evo, or myTouch Slide, time to check ROM Manager for updates, hit the CM forums, or just grab the CyanogenMod 6.1.1 file from TeamDouche.net. Here are the changes since 6.1: – Common: Add rotary lockscreen option – Common: Updated translations – Common: Push update notifications for CyanogenMod… Read more

Lock-screen gestures make their way into CyanogenMod

Among most of the normal tweaks and enhancements found in a CyanogenMod ROM update, this past week’s CM 6.1 RC5 for the Motorola DROID update saw something a bit more unique than we’re used to: Lock-screen gestures. If you’re familiar with any other version of hand drawn on-screen gesture recognition, then you’re already good to go. Essentially, you… Read more

CyanogenMod 6.1 for the G2 is good to go

We knew that CyanogenMod for the T-Mobile G2 couldn’t have been far away, three days ago when permanent root was achieved on the device. And last night, the project’s pseudonym namesake announced the status of the team’s software for the G2: “CM6.1 on G2 status: DONE.” No release is out there just yet, but check this post for updates. A link will… Read more

CyanogenMod booting on G2

After ensuring the Android masses that the G2 hacking situation was not as bad as initially suspected or sensationalized in the blogosphere (i.e., not resetting itself), Cyanogen has uploaded a video of the cooked ROM bearing his virtual name on Magenta’s QWERTY-havin’ Android flagship. There isn’t much else to it, and he does say that true, lasting… Read more

CyanogenMod hibernation and rapid “boot”

The hibernation mode seen in the leaked Desire HD ROM is popping up in numerous videos featuring hacked HTC gadgets, and the CyanogenMod team has brought the feature to CM6, which has got to be the most popular cooked ROM out there. Rebooting a device with this feature will cause a complete shutdown and, you guessed it, restart. However, selecting “Power… Read more

CyanogenMod 6 stable release

It’s unlikely that any of you that are familiar with CyanogenMod have been waiting for this particular moment to flash version 6 of the most popular cooked Android ROM. Nightly builds and release candidates are probably holding fort on as many devices as any previous version of the CyanogenMod team’s software. Nevertheless, this milestone should inspire you… Read more

New CyanogenMod boot animation (Video)

A slick new boot animation has made its way into the CyanogenMod nightly builds, and a sick new animation deserves a slick introduction. And boy, is this video ever slick. I think CyanogenMod just officially passed Google in the Android marketing department…at breakneck speed, no less. Awesome. No more straining to see that tiny Android blinking in… Read more