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AT&T Flipping The Switch On LTE In 7 New Cities

AT&T is working hard to build it’s LTE network across the US, And today they’ve added 7 more cities to the list. It’s good to see AT&T constantly expanding its LTE network, since Verizon got a sizable head start. They say it’ll be done by 2014, then we will hopefully move on to something better and faster. Here are the cities: Pullman,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera Arriving On AT&T November 16th For $499.99

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a fairly unique device, combining a point and shoot and a high end Android device, and it’s coming to the US! More specifically, it’s coming to AT&T’s network and it’ll cost you $499.99 with or without a data plan. This would definitely be a great addition to a shared data plan, as it is cheap to add non-phone devices…. Read more

Sprint Set To Launch New No-Contract Data Plans For LTE Tablets

While this can no doubt be attributed to the announcement of the new iPads, the nation’s third largest carrier is planning to shift up its tablet data plans. They’ve decided that while they may not have the best coverage, it’s not going to stop them from pulling in more customers. Sprint will now be offering more data for a better price, with plans that… Read more

Verizon Collecting And Selling Your Private Data, Opt Out Available

Carriers never miss a chance to be a bit more evil. Verizon is a prime suspect here, when it was revealed that they use a program called Precision Market Insights to sell private data to other companies. The data isn’t just location or anything simple like that, it’s also your device, websites you’ve visited, social media accounts used, age, and even if… Read more

Google Play Store Security PIN Unsafe, Easy To Remove

Google implemented a PIN system into the Play Store app on Android. If you want to make a purchase, you have to enter a PIN. It’s a great idea to protect yourself from someone handling your phone, possibly planning to buy every game they can find. However, that PIN is completely unsafe from anyone who knows how Android works. Yes, that means even… Read more

Android Users Eat An Average Of 870MB Of Data A Month

According to research from NPD Connected Intelligence, Android users use only 870MB of cellular data per month, and 2.5GB of WiFi data per month. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, considering most Android users are average people. But the interesting part is how it’s broken up by age. Those ages 18-24 used 1.05GB of cellular data a month, while… Read more

Sprint Unveils 4G LTE In A Few Cities, Enhances 3G In Others

Sprint is rolling LTE out to a few market. It isn’t much compared to AT&T or Verizon, but it’s still progress that Sprint really needs. LTE is now live in Lawrence, KS, Topeka, KS, Wichita, KS, Waukegan-Lake County, IL, and Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, MA. But that isn’t the only thing Sprint has up its sleeve. Their Network Vision rollout is starting… Read more

AT&T Lights Up 8 More Markets With LTE

AT&T has turned on LTE in 8 new markets today. Those markets are: Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Detroit, MI; Honolulu, HI; Pittsburgh, PA; Sacramento, CA; Memphis, TN; and Birmingham, AL. AT&T has been pushing LTE out really fast lately, obviously because they’re very behind compared to Verizon. So their rush is both warranted and appreciated…. Read more