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SwiftKey Launches Analytics To Help Improve It

SwiftKey has launched “SwiftKey Analytics” which is an experimental new app that collects mathematical data about how you use SwiftKey. It is identical to SwiftKey 3.0.1 otherwise, which is the current Play Store version out. This is exclusive to VIP members, so not just anyone can have it. The data collected is fully anonymous and does not contain… Read more

Verizon Wireless Has Secret Shared Data Plans, Except Not Anymore

Worried that Verizon’s 10GB of shared data plan for $100 wasn’t going to be enough for you? Well, good news as there are some unadvertised plans Verizon has recently hinted at being available thanks to a ComputerWorld reader. Power users take note, these plans aren’t for the weary wallet with plans of 20GB for $150, 12GB for $110 a month, 14GB for… Read more

AT&T Could Be Introducing Shared Data Plans Soon

Verizon recently introduced its “Share Everything” plans, allowing customers to share a pool of data between multiple devices. It’s been rumored for several months that AT&T could be following suit. The company’s CEO even put forward notions of shared data plans earlier this year. New evidence suggests we could be seeing “Group Data” hit the… Read more

My Verizon Data Widget Restored, Share Everything Supported

The My Verizon Data Usage widget has been restored. This is after weeks of being discontinued due to new Share Everything plans the carrier was pushing people to. The widget will once again display used data, with a catch. The widget does not refresh automatically anymore. Requiring a simple press of a button to do so. This can be quite confusing for… Read more

Editorial: How Long Does An Android ROM Last?

This has been a question in the back of my mind ever since I flashed my first ROM on the Samsung Captivate almost two years ago. It seems so long ago, but the question remains: how long does a ROM last? It has really come to mind while on a cross country road trip, watching my current ROM deteriorate over time. This has been a problem across all… Read more

Samsung Confirms All Canadian Galaxy S III Handsets Will Recieve 50GB In Dropbox Storage

Samsung has confirmed that all Canadian versions of the Galaxy S III will be eligible for the 50GB Dropbox promotion giving users an extra 48GB (plus the standard 2GB) of storage for two years. The company gave the following statement. “New GS III users will receive a basic 2GB of free space with Dropbox (It is permanent). When they create their own… Read more