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AT&T Discloses Samsung Galaxy S 4 In-Store Release Date

We’ve been able to pre-order the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 for a while now, but finally on Monday it was revealed to us when the device would be available in stores. From AT&T’s twitter account, they unveiled that you can pick up the Galaxy S 4 in stores on Saturday, April 27.  That’s pretty exciting news for any of you who are looking to… Read more

HP Slate 7 Delayed Two Months, Available June

HP’s Slate 7 may not be the most high end tablet (in fact, it’s pretty darn low end), but its price may justify the sacrifices. It will retail at only $169, which is pretty cheap for a tablet not made of the cheapest plastic known to man by a Chinese knockoff company. And though it features a low resolution display and low end specs, it could still be a… Read more

Gameloft Releasing Iron Man 3 Themed Endless Runner April 25th

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KKflXaTdszs With Iron Man 3 coming to theaters in a short while, Gameloft decided that the best way to celebrate would be to release a game based on Iron Man! Except the game won’t have anything to do with the story of the movies, it’ll be an endless runner like Temple Run but with more action and… Read more

Update: Google Posts Registration Date For I/O 2013

Google has officially posted the registration date for 2013′s Google I/O online. We now know that the announced time for registration is March 13th at 7 AM PDT. Save this date, because tickets will sell out in less than half an hour if the past few years have been any indication. And of course, good luck to everyone trying to get the tickets. You’ll… Read more

HTC M7 Rumored To Be Sold On March 8th, Come In Two Colors

In an interesting bit of news, HTC Source reports on some inside information that they received. Keep in mind that none of this is at all confirmed, so take it as rumors and nothing more. However, it’s some good stuff. First of all, they say that the HTC M7 will be sold on March 8th. This is two and a half weeks after their press conference, which is… Read more

You Can Now Search Gmail By Size And Date

Google is adding more robust searching to Gmail today, in the form of searching by size and date. If you want to search by size, type in size:5m or larger:5m, using the example of 5 MB, into the search box. The same goes for date. You can type in older_than:1y for emails older than a year. While it’s not quite ideal to be typing these unnatural terms to… Read more

Isis Officially Launching October 22nd With 20 Compatible Phones By The End Of The Year

Isis has confirmed that they are launching the service on October 22nd. And just like before, it shall launch in Austin and Salt Lake City for now. They also claim “as many as” 20 smartphones will support Isis, but the older devices might be left out. A bit sad, I always hoped my aging AT&T Galaxy S II will get Isis, since it has an NFC chip. Though the… Read more

Verizon Announces DROID RAZR HD And MAXX For 10/18

Verizon has officially announced the release date of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and its thicker brother, the RAZR MAXX HD. They say it’s coming October 18th, the same day it was rumored to launch. To refresh your memory, the DROID RAZR HD is a 4.7″ device with a 720p display a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, an 8MP camera, and it’s… Read more

Internal Document Suggests Galaxy Note II Launching On T-Mo 10/24

Samsung has an event for the Galaxy Note II planned for October 24th, and apparently T-Mobile wants to launch their Note II the same day. It makes sense, launching the device the same day it is announced by Samsung. Smart move. However, there is reason to doubt this document. It claims that the device will have Need for Speed: Most Wanted preloaded…. Read more