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Deal Alert: Unlocked HTC One X Available On DailySteals

If you’re eyeing the HTC One X unlocked, there’s a pretty good deal on the unlocked HTC One X over at DailySteals.com. The One X can be yours for only $629.99 and while that may seem a little steep, that’s a pretty good deal considering how much you may have to pay elsewhere. A little research indicates the best price is around $40 higher than what… Read more

T-Mobile and Samsung Offering $100 Mail-in-Rebate for Buying Tablet and Smartphone Together

Buying a smartphone can be pricey. Buying a tablet can be even pricier. Buying a smartphone and tablet together is downright wallet sucking. T-Mobile and Samsung want to help. Between November 30th and December 31st customers who purchase a Samsung smartphone and tablet together will receive a $100 MIR. The devices have to be purchased on the same… Read more

Cyber Monday: Virgin Mobile has the Moto Triumph, Optimus V, and Optimus Slider on Sale

Just as the dust is settling from Black Friday a new sale-apocalypse begins. This one is known as Cyber Monday, and since you don’t actually have to go anywhere to take advantage of these sales you’re much less likely to leave with battle scars. If you’re looking for some sweet pre-paid deals Virgin Mobile has the answer. First up is the Motorola… Read more

The Shack will buy your old EVO 4G for $100

Looking to upgrade that raggedy ol’ HTC EVO 4G this summer? Well, Good and EVO has it that The Shack will give you $100 towards the purchase of a New HTC EVO 3D when you trade in your EVO 4G or EVO Shift. The EVO 3D will run $500 outright and $200 on contract. The catch is, of course, that most of us who are rocking an EVO pulled it off by signing a… Read more

Buy Android for Verizon on Amazon, get free apps

Amazon has announced a promotion today where the end goal is rather simple: get more users into the Amazon Appstore. Whenever anyone buys an Android device for Verizon from Amazon, they get a free $25 Appstore credit. $25 worth of apps isn’t much to part with Amazon’s end, and by making it an Amazon Appstore credit, users are nudged into the online… Read more

PSA: Amazon steeply discounts Viewsonic gTablet

Some of you may remember that quite recently, Woot was selling the Viewsonic gTablet for a mere $280 brand new. Well it looks like they might have had some left over, because Woot on Amazon is doing the same thing. Shipping from and sold by Woot on Amazon, Woot’s parent company, the Viewsonic gTablet features a 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, 10.1-inch… Read more