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Verizon doing away with smartphone rebates?

Don’t worry, the title isn’t meant to mislead you. If a recently leaked internal document is right, Verizon really is doing away with smartphone rebates. You wouldn’t be paying more for your devices, instead anything with a net cost over $150 dollars would already have the normal $50 rebate included in the price – Theoretically. As this news comes from a… Read more

RunKeeper Pro will continue it’s free streak

Some time ago, think December 30th, we brought you a story here on DroidDog about how the incredibly popular mobile running app RunKeeper Pro was going to be free for a short time in order to promote healthy lifestyles. Well here we are almost a month later, and RunKeeper Pro has yet to go back up to the ten dollars it was originally priced at – and it… Read more

Best Buy price drop on Sprint’s Galaxy Tab

With announcements of Android tablets and phones hitting a fever pitch at CES, manufacturers and retailers need to do something to keep moving product. Best Buy’s solution has always been drastic price drops, to which the Galaxy Tab is not immune to. Leaked internal information out of Best Buy today suggests that Sprint’s Galaxy Tab will undergo a… Read more

Pre-CES sales: Vibrant and Galaxy Tab

What’s a carrier to do when every major handset manufacturer is on the brink of releasing products capable of pushing their current lineup into the dust bin? Beat them to the punch with massive discounts. Two incredibly popular Android devices are getting a healthy discount today, the Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy Tab. Verizon’s Galaxy Tab is now… Read more

Grab a Galaxy Tab at Best Buy for $499, no contract required

If you’re tired of waiting for the Wi-Fi-only version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, why not grab the Verizon flavor and then drop the data plan after the first month? Best Buy is selling the tablet for $499 with no contract required, though you do need to set up a VZW account and activate to purchase. But you can ditch that data almost immediately and run that… Read more

G2 on sale for $49.99 on T-Mobile.com

With Christmas only 12 days away, hopefully you have most of your holiday shopping done and over with. If you don’t, then have we got the gift for the techie in your family. If you head on over to T-Mobile.com and take a look at the T-Mobile G2, then you’ll see that you can take an extra $200 off making the device $49.99 on a new 2 year… Read more

Samsung Vibrant now one cent

Wow. If $89 and $99 weren’t good enough deals on T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant for the bargain shoppers out there, you all need to take a look at this: Amazon has the gadget for sale at just $.01 on contract. It’s a trusted name and a great price, so I can’t imagine passing this one up if you have the slightest itch to grab Magenta’s Galaxy S. If you’re… Read more