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HTC First UK Launch Being Held Off Indefinitely

The HTC First was released with a lot riding on it. It was HTC’s only other current gen device released, aside from the HTC One, and it was their second attempt at a Facebook phone. The partnership with Facebook apparently didn’t work out, as many say Facebook Home was supposed to be delayed to give the HTC First time to sell with an “exclusive” piece… Read more

Sprint Receiving More Inventory Of Galaxy S 4 Units

It’s pretty well known that Samsung suffered a shortage of Galaxy S 4 units, leading both Sprint and T-Mobile to announce delays. To put customer worries to rest, Sprint has made an announcement that they have received inventory of Galaxy S 4 units and that Samsung is ramping up production. So if you were interested in buying one from Sprint, head by a… Read more

T-Mobile, Sprint Delay Galaxy S 4 Launches For Unknown Reasons

With little explanation provided, both Sprint and T-Mobile announced in the last 12 hours that their respective releases of the Galaxy S 4 were being postponed. Late last night T-Mobile (via our friends at TmoNews) began stating via its Facebook page that the release was being pushed back. A few hours later saw word drop via a short press statement that… Read more

HP Slate 7 Delayed Two Months, Available June

HP’s Slate 7 may not be the most high end tablet (in fact, it’s pretty darn low end), but its price may justify the sacrifices. It will retail at only $169, which is pretty cheap for a tablet not made of the cheapest plastic known to man by a Chinese knockoff company. And though it features a low resolution display and low end specs, it could still be a… Read more

HTC One May Be Delayed Due To Shortage Of Cameras

With HTC’s profits quickly declining, HTC needs to do everything it can to succeed. Fortunately, they have the launch of the HTC One coming up, and the One has been attracting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, the HTC One might be delayed. According to reports, there are shortages of the voice coil motor (VCM) and the compact camera module (CCM), thus… Read more

Google Play Shows 8 GB Nexus 4 Won’t Be Shipping Until 2013

Google has quite the mess on their hands. Yesterday, when they put more Nexus 4 stock up for sale, Google Play simply couldn’t handle the amount of orders, essentially causing it to crash. Now it looks like Google really drained themselves with that last batch, as shipping times are currently showing 8-9 weeks on Google Play for the 8GB model. Well,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q Not Released, But Renamed

Strangely, the Galaxy S Blaze Q didn’t launch on the 15th like expected. However, there has been a change to it since then (which could explain the delay, though the change is no physical one). It has been renamed the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G. While a marginally less confusing name, it is really no better, considering its unnecessary length. Knowing… Read more

Sprint LTE Rollout Facing Delay: Birds

Sprint is facing some LTE rollout delays lately. Part of the reason is that they are waiting for a fiber-optic backhaul to be connected. But that’s apparently not the only reason. Birds have been nesting in towers, and those towers can’t be turned on until they migrate in the winter. So please, don’t blame Sprint. Blame the birds…. Read more