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Some Nexus 4 Buyers Getting Email Of Backorder, Delayed 3 Weeks

This is some pretty bad news, but it seems that Google oversold the Nexus 4. Today, people have started getting emails saying that their order is delayed up to 3 weeks due to overwhelming demand. Twitter is full of people talking about it. Unfortunately, the email was sent close to the day that they were supposed to arrive at people’s doors. Google, you… Read more

HTC Confirms That They Are Aware That They Missed The Deadline For ICS On The Thunderbolt

I’m sure that there’s probably more than a few HTC Thunderbolt  owners out there who have been hitting that system updates button wondering if their Ice Cream Sandwich update is here yet. Luck isn’t on their side today as HTC has confirmed that they missed their August deadline for Android 4.0 on the Thunderbolt. They did make sure to mention that… Read more

Nexus 7 Sales Delayed Until Further Notice At Office Depot

Yesterday we got wind that Office Depot was going to be selling the Nexus 7 in-stores tomorrow. Now a new document has leaked out saying that the stores may receive their Nexus 7 stock tomorrow but have been instructed to postpone sales of the Nexus 7 until further notice. This is either Google stopping them from launching the tablet before they do or… Read more

Sprint Won’t Have Enough Inventory To Offer Galaxy S III Tomorrow; AT&T Pre-orders Delayed A Week

It looks like the Galaxy S III delays just keep rolling in. First off, Sprint has announced that they don’t have enough inventory of the Galaxy S III to begin selling them tomorrow. Fortunately, people who pre-ordered the 16GB version can still expect them to arrive by tomorrow or a couple of days afterward. Sprint also mentioned that it hopes to begin… Read more

Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy SIII Delayed

It seems that there was a manufacturing defect with the Pebble Blue version of the long awaited Galaxy SIII. Samsung has had to destroy nearly 600,000 casings and is now starting manufacturing again after some modifications. This will create a delay of a few weeks or even months for the Pebble Blue model, but fortunately, Marble White models will be… Read more

Sprint Officially Announced HTC EVO 4G LTE Delay

Looks like the HTC EVO 4G LTE will not be coming when announced. To make matters worse, further shipments of the AT&T HTC One X will also be delayed, so stock may run out. HTC shared this statement about the delay of HTC phones explaining the situation: “The US availability of HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S…. Read more