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Fail of the day: Dell marketing stunt goes horribly wrong

It’s been popular for a long time now to use crazy marketing stunts for hyping people up. Flash mobs, fake focus groups, a visit to your home; You get the point. Well in order to promote a “new Dell Streak tablet which can interface with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles,” Dell tired to use one of these marketing stunts — Only instead of hyping people up for a… Read more

T-Mobile announces Dell Streak 7: $199 on 02/02/11

It went out via a tweet this morning: Dell’s 7 inch tablet, the Streak7, will launch on February 2nd at $199 with a two-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate. So the price point turned out to be lower than the $300+ that was rumored, but the launch date leaked by TMoNews was right on the nose. Check out T-Mobile’s product page here where the… Read more

Dell Streak to land 2.2 in mid-January

Originally, the Dell Streak was supposed to receive an update to Froyo (2.2) before the end of the year. Well assuming that this e-mail, dated December 7th, obtained by StreakSmart is correct, the update won’t come until at least January 12th. As you can see, if you have an “unlocked” device, then you should be able to grab the update now by going… Read more

Rooted Dell Streak? Grab this custom recovery image

For those of you who are helpless to the endless call of options for customizations (I feel your pain), and specifically those who have a rooted Dell Streak, xda-developers member mistadman has posted something that should tickle your fancy: a Clockwork-based recovery image that feels like the Streak’s stock recovery! The following features have been… Read more

Unlocked Dell Streak shipping with Froyo available now

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to jump on a Dell Streak, but couldn’t bear the thought of being locked down on an outdated OS, then your wait is finally over. Dell.com is official offering several new flavors of Streak to take your holiday from good to great, including a Cherry Red unlocked version, complete with Froyo, for $579.99. There’s also… Read more

White Dell Streak a Best Buy exclusive

Where have we seen this before, eh? In yet another white device Best Buy exclusive, Dell is going to be releasing the quasi-tablet Streak in a glorious shade of white. Other than the color, a whole lot of nothing has changed: QSD8250 1 GHz processor, 5MP camera w/dual LED flash, and 5″ Gorilla Glass screen. Availability is slightly flakey right now, some… Read more

Dell Stage launcher available for 2.2 devices

Dell’s upcoming Stage UI, which we saw running on the Streak last week, has been extracted for use on other 2.2 devices is available over at xda-developers. The original thread, where warnings, instructions, and a download link can be found, indicates that a rooted Android 2.2 installation is required, though the xda post suggests that non-rooted phones… Read more

Dell’s 2.2 Stage UI and widgets on video

Dell’s Android 2.2 update is going to include some cool new widgets when it drops, but folks out there running cooked ROMs have access right now. In this video by Jenn Lee from StreakSmart.com, we get a tour of the new launcher’s home screens, widgets and pop-up dock-like navigation. The widgets require the Stage UI, so they can’t just be passed them around… Read more

Rogers’ roadmap leaked, Streak and Tab coming soon

BGR has their hands on a leaked Rogers’ roadmap today that shows several great devices coming soon, between Q4 and February, including the Dell Streak and Galaxy Tab. The post in which the leaked promo material was put up goes on to say that none of the following pricing is final, but if nothing else it’s a good guide. Dell’s 5″ monster, the Streak,… Read more

SNES controller paired with Dell Streak

I sure do love my vidya hacks, and this story is no different. Streak user, modder, and hacker 0TheRain0 took it upon himself to rewire a SNES controller to work with a Dell Streak’s PDMI port. All it took was a Streak connector and USB microcontroller for the paddle to be picked up as a USB keyboard. As far as compatibility, the controller is said to… Read more