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Dell wants doctors to rely on Streak

It’s quite common nowadays to talk with your doctor while he or she taps away on a laptop with a swivel screen and perhaps a bit less common to see them with a true tablet. Dell wants to make the tablet a mainstay of the medical community and are pushing the Streak by incorporating their already established medical software into the device. The… Read more

Dell Streak 2.1 OTA pre-rooted

Some of you may still be recovering from the shock of Dell releasing the Aero, but try to take a deep breath, and remember that Dell does have some good stuff out there. Like for example the Dell Streak: 5″ screen, 1GHz processor, front facing camera…. Android 1.6. Oh yeah, that. Well it looks like today, that whole Donut problem the Streak has will… Read more

O2 Dell Streaks to see 2.1 very soon

Good news for Dell Streak owners in the UK today, as carrier O2 has conformed that ANdroid version 2.1 – Eclair – will be available for Streaks on their network starting September 1st, Wednesday. This is an interim release designed to keep rabid fans at bay while waiting for the current version of Android, 2.2, or Froyo. It will be a heck of a lot easier to… Read more

Dell Streak dismantled

Everyone loves a good tear down, and the more distinguished or popular the device, the better the breakdown. Dell’s 5-inch-display-packin’ beast, Streak, is one of those stand-out gadgets that bridges the gap between phone and tablet, and that certainly raises questions about the cost of repairs and the ability of consumers to fix things at home. iFixit… Read more

US Dell Streaks could jump 2.1, go straight for the Froyo

Lionel Menchaca, Chief Blogger for Dell, recently responded (via Twitter) to a Streak fan who was asking questions about Android versions while anxiously awaiting his Dell shipment. The answer? “Honest answer is that it’s complicated. From the info I have, current plan in the US is to go right to Froyo. #dellstreak” So there you have it. Nothing… Read more

Dell teasing public with Streak

Dell Streak Catalog

They still haven’t announced an official street date, nor have they notified me via email of the start of their 24 hour pre-sale, but Dell is definitely prepping the public for Streak. Not long after AT&T started knocking early demo units off of their network, Dell is sending out Streak advertisements to the masses. I pulled a crumpled Dell catalog out… Read more

AT&T shutting down BETA Streaks?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the Dell Streak is everywhere. It’s been available in the UK, and AT&T has had beta test units floating around the states to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for some time now. Unfortunately, according to some talk going on at MoDaCo forums, some of those beta Streaks are being blocked by none other than Ma Bell… Read more

Dell Streak will retail at $549, $299 on contract

Dell Streak

Remember that brief slip where Dell took down their pre-order page and posed, in its place, a notice on straight purchases? I didn’t catch it, but Engadget did, and price tags were revealed. If you get the device with a new contract from AT&T, be prepared to shell out $300. If you’re going straight cash, bring $550 with you. I’m curious how many of you… Read more

Dell Streak to see 2.2 by year’s end, no T-Mo 3G [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Although the pre-sale page is back now, it was briefly down with a message about sales beginning tomorrow. It’s a bit of disappointing to know that Dell’s 5″ monster of a screen will be displaying Android 1.6 when it launches on AT&T very soon, but Dell’s Lionel Menchaca reaffirmed that the gadget will see 2.2 by the end of the year (sooner if… Read more