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Dell Ophone mini3i

Specs: 640×360 16:9 display; 3MP auto-focus camera; Quad band GSM; Bluetooth 2.0; Expandable up to 32GB storage Released: Nov. 2009 US Cost: Unavailable Notes: Due to China’s government control, the Mini3i is not available with 2G or… Read more

Dell and Google sittin’ in a tree

Fans of Dell, this is a good sign for you. It’s not every day that the higher-ups in a company are willing to spill a ton of info on how their future is shaping up. Sure they will say how positive things are looking, and how they are working hard to bring you the best overall customer experience money can afford… but that kind of stuff is all talk no… Read more

Dell Streaks tested in Seattle

We already knew that it’s big, and we knew it will ship with the Android Kindle app. And unlike the original source of these photos, we already knew it will come in a variety of colors, including red. We also knew that it has cleared the FCC with AT&T 3G bands, but one key bit of information we don’t have on Dell’s Streak – previously known as the Mini 5 -… Read more

Dell leak hat trick

Engadget has their collective hands all over Dell’s precious goodies tonight. Three major Android leaks within a couple of hours: There’s Smoke, a budget portrait slider with a hardware QWERTY reminiscent of the Palm Pixi (first image below); Flash, a higher-spec’d drool invoking slab fashioned from curved glass (second photo below); and of course, Aero -… Read more

Dell’s growing tablets

This shouldn’t be surprizing considering that Dell’s Streak – what amounts to a giant Android handset (albeit a special one) reportedly dropping this Summer – was initially called the Mini 5. The computer OEM has two more Android tablets on deck: one with a 7″ screen and the other with a 10″screen, both of which officially make the Mini 5 miniature in… Read more

Dell Aero a bit disappointing?


I haven’t personally held Dell’s Aero, so I can’t offer any comments of my own regarding the quality of the experience. However, Joshua Topolsky was allowed to test the phone that bloggers were allowed to handle (but not turn on) at CTIA, and he’s viewing Aero as a “glorified featurephone.” As you’ll see in the video below, the UI has been heavily modified… Read more

Dell Mini 5 demo from CTIA


Some folks from TheStreet are at CTIA and caught a video demonstration of Dell’s Mini 5 (as it is known on the Internet). The quad-band GSM and WCDMA device to output 720p video over HDMI. Nice. It looks like the PR rep and cameraman from TheStreet are having a tug-o’-war. I think Dell kept the gadget though. Video after the break…. Read more

Dell’s Mini 3 is Aero, headed for AT&T

After all of the hubbub surrounding AT&T’s handling of the Motorola Backflip, one would hope that the company’s next Android would signal a more complete and up-to-date experience for consumers, but I’m not holding my breath. It seems that contracts and beef between industry beasts are often more significant in the way things shake out than consumer… Read more

Dell’s Mini 5 (Streak) gets more interesting by the day

I have to admit that Dell’s Mini 5 has been more of a curiosity to me than a potential wish list contender. It looks really nice, has a glorious 5″ WVGA screen and a 5MP cam, but who wants to lug that thing around in their pocket? It can’t be comfortable, and that makes it an unlikely purchase or recommendation for me. However, Dell’s bulky gadget just… Read more

Dell Mini 5 to AT&T, looking good

Dell’s Mini 5, which houses a 5″ inch screen, is definitely going to be turning up on AT&T’s network and may also be headed to T-Mobile – or so the MWC buzz claims. And while it was previously thought that device may ship with Android 1.6, Dell has now proclaimed that “something newer” will power the phone/MID. Most are suspecting that “something newer than… Read more